Your entire Nintendo collection digitally!

NintendoReporters is proud to present its FREE service; Nintendo Collection System (NCS).
A system that can make the life of every Nintendo fan, Nintendo gamer and Nintendo collector a lot easier.

This is done by making all Nintendo games (releases) from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) up to the current-gen Nintendo Switch (NSW) available as 1 manageable digital system. This makes managing your entire Nintendo collections a reality!

For and by Nintendo fans

Together we will grow further!
We would like to hear from you, our Nintendo community and Nintendo family, what you think of this free service.
Where possible, we will do everything we can to make the system even better together with you!


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For who is the Nintendo Collection System

Nintendo Fans

For and by Nintendo Fans!
The Nintendo Collection System is intended for everyone who has a love for Nintendo.

See what you as a Nintendo fan can do using the Nintendo Collection System (NCS)
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Nintendo Gamers

For all Nintendo gamers!
Do you play games on a Nintendo console? Then the Nintendo Collection System is something that will make your life a lot easier!

Have you always wanted to be able to digitally manage, share and more your Nintendo games?
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Nintendo Collectors

For the Nintendo collectors!
Do you own a Nintendo collection that you would like to manage digitally? Nintendo Collection System (NCS) is the solution!

Manage all your consoles, collections and more digitally quickly and easily!
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Nintendo Collection System – Features


All your gaming consoles!
As a gamer you certainly have 1 console. But perhaps several and perhaps not all consoles from Nintendo.

That doesn't matter, with the Nintendo Collection System you can enter them all.
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Your entire Nintendo collection digitally!
You can make your games digitally transparent for every Nintendo system using the Nintendo Collection System.

Easy, fast and clear!
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Determine and share your Nintendo favorites!
You certainly have games that give you an edge. Whether that is because you are a final boss in it or whether it is a game that simply means a lot to you.

Share your Nintendo favorites!
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Now playing

The Nintendo games you are playing right now!
Easily keep track of which games you are playing for each Nintendo system.

By sharing this with the community we see which games are popular.
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The Nintendo games you've beaten!
It's nice to have and keep a good picture of games you've completed. You can also manage this easily and quickly with the Nintendo Collection System!
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The Nintendo games you still want/are looking for!
There are always games that you want to add to your Nintendo collection in the future.

You can easily keep track of your wish list for every Nintendo system with our system.
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Rate all Nintendo games!
Everyone is allowed to have an opinion about every Nintendo game. We believe that you should also be able to show this in figures.

Rate all Nintendo games that you like!
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