Before we can start talking about what the Nintendo Collection System is, why, how, what etc. it might be good to know who is behind the concept of the Nintendo Collection System.

Meet NintendoReporters and Patrick

NintendoReporters is a project started by Patrick Dankers at the end of 2017 with the main reason to combine his love for Nintendo with the fact that Nintendo news in the Netherlands can and should be better. The aim for NintendoReporters is to become one of the leading Nintendo-focused mediums in the Benelux. That is why the choice was made to use English in addition to Dutch.

More about Patrick;
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What is the Nintendo Collection System? (NCS)

The Nintendo Collection System is a service that was created through the further development of the medium NintendoReporters. During further development, the question arose about what can we do to involve the medium more with the consoles and games of the gamers who visit the medium.

Not an option from Nintendo itself

Unfortunately, Nintendo does not have a concrete API or account link that makes it possible to maintain your Nintendo collection. Let alone for your entire Nintendo collection if you also own older consoles.

NintendoReporters then decided to organize the platform in terms of games (releases) in such a way that it can be expanded with any Nintendo platform and therefore any game. Which can then be linked to an individual user but also to multiple users, so that in addition to the person’s collection, you can also work on statistics, etc.

More than ‘just’ collections

This is why a system has been created that does so much more than ‘just’ maintaining a collection. Which is quite cool in itself of course.

You can already keep track of your consoles, maintain collections, indicate favorites, indicate games you have completed, indicate what you are playing, give reviews, etc. But it won’t stop there.

We will continue to develop the Nintendo Collection System so that much more will become possible in the future. Be sure to check out all features to get a good idea of ​​the current capabilities.

How does the Nintendo Collection System work?

In advance, use of the Nintendo Collection System is, and always will be, completely FREE. NintendoReporters wants to make the lives of Nintendo fans easier and there is no need to make money!

Being able to use the Nintendo Collection System consists of a few simple steps;

1 – Create an account on NintendoReporters completely FREE;
Choose whether you want to connect using social media or want a normal account with a username and password.

2 – Submit your collection via your account; (requires logging in)

3 – Share your collection with friends or not, the choice is yours.

Example profile; (note you can decide for yourself what you do and do not share and with whom on your profile). You also get your own private page with your collection; (requires login)

That’s literally all it takes.

It takes some work to enter once and then it’s just a matter of keeping it up to date! This can also be done from a game release page itself.

Bringing together Nintendo fans, Nintendo gamers, Nintendo collectors

We want to bring together everyone with a healthy dose of love for Nintendo and form the largest Nintendo family (community) possible. NintendoReporters is a medium and we hope that as a medium it can mean something to you. But even if, for whatever reason, you do not like NintendoReporters … but one of our ‘competitors’ … then we still want offer you something unique through the Nintendo Collection System.

Whether you’re a Nintendo fan, Nintendo gamer or Nintendo collector we believe that the Nintendo Collection System can be of added value for you!