The Nintendo Collection System is currently well under way, but we will continue to develop AND add to it.

We have to ensure that all Nintendo releases will be included at some point, so that you can take action based on that. And that’s actually quite a reasonable number of games. But behind the scenes we are already busy working on concepts to further expand the system.

Current features

To give you a good idea of ​​the current possibilities of the Nintendo Collection System, we have provided an explanation for each part. If you have any questions, please first check our FAQs and otherwise contact your feedback.


Nintendo Collection System - ConsolesYou can use consoles to indicate which consoles you currently own.

This even goes beyond Nintendo systems because we know that there are also a large number of users who have more than 1 system and sometimes from other manufacturers (you can also add all kinds of other types of consoles).

So if you have a Sony PS4 (Pro) or a Microsoft Xbox One Why is this possible? Because we also want to bring together gamers with more passions than just Nintendo.
Please note; We are not going for a complete system in terms of games, because that is beyond our expertise.


You can use collections to map every game you have on Nintendo. From NES to Nintendo Switch, with everything Nintendo in between.

Nintendo Collection System - CollectionsTo give you an idea;

  • amiibo
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo WII U
  • Super Nintendo

NOTE: For convenience, we do not count systems such as the 2DS/3DSXL/DSI etc. as a separate game category.

These collections are the backbone (largest feature) of the Nintendo Collection System. As you can probably imagine, it takes a lot of time and work to set this up. We are therefore busy incorporating older titles into this. We hope to be able to complete this completely soon. So if you can’t find every title yet, we are aware of that and we are working on it.


Nintendo Collection System - FavoritesYou can of course have a very large Nintendo collection, which may extend across different systems, but not everything will be among your favorites, right? There are always those games that have earned a special place in your heart and are therefore among your favorite titles.

We therefore thought it would be appropriate to make it possible to indicate in the Nintendo Collection System what your favorite games are per system.

This way you can quickly and easily show other Nintendo gamers what your favorite games are on each Nintendo system to inspire them in what they can play next.

Now playing

Nintendo Collection System - Now PlayingFor others it is very nice to be able to see which games you are currently playing. Nintendo shows this clearly with the help of notifications and alerts on, for example, the Nintendo Switch.

But the problem is that you can only indicate it there for the Nintendo Switch and not for games from other systems such as a Nintendo Gamecube or even further back a Nintendo Game Boy.

With the Nintendo Collection System, you can. Indicate which games you are playing and decide whether you want this to appear on your profile on NintendoReporters.


Nintendo Collection System - FinishedIt is nice to have a good overview of games that you have beaten. Unfortunately, you cannot indicate this on the Nintendo Switch, for example. Ok since recently you can create folders…

For example, we ourselves have quite a large collection and we sometimes lose track of what we have or have not beaten.

So we thought adding an option in the Nintendo Collection System for this would be useful. But as with everything in this system, this is something you can apply across your entire Nintendo collection.

Show others what you have already accomplished!


Nintendo Collection System - WishlistsThere are probably games that you want to add to your collection. In short, you probably have a wish list.

Nintendo does provide this on the Nintendo Switch with the Wishlist option in the Nintendo eShop. But what if you want to add a title that is not there? Maybe you are a retro collector who is busy completing or completing a NES or SNES collection.

The Nintendo Collection System therefore has a system-wide option for wish lists that allows people to join you in collecting. Also useful for gifts πŸ˜‰


Nintendo Collection System - ReviewsSince we have also made it possible to rate releases (games), we have also connected this to the Nintendo Collection System.

So also see in your Nintendo collection, and if allowed on your profile, the ratings you have given to games from your collection.

Ratings are not limited to your collection, because even if you don’t have a game, we believe you should be able to indicate what you think and think about that title.

Game statistics

Nintendo Collection System - Game StatisticsThanks to the creation of the Nintendo Collection System, we can also offer insights from the NintendoReporters community in combination with individual releases (games). We call this the Game Statistics.

The figures in the Game Statistics are completely anonymous but provide insight into:

  • How many people own a game.
  • How many people consider a game their favorite.
  • How many people are playing a game right now.
  • How many people beaten a game.
  • How many people have a game on a wishlist.
  • What people have rated a game on average.

Future features

Of course we want to continue expanding the Nintendo Collection System with fun features that will improve the interaction between Nintendo gamers.

The following items are already on our roadmap:

  • Matchmaking; bringing together Nintendo gamers who play the same games.
  • Buy / Sell; bringing together Nintendo gamers who want to buy/sell a game.
  • Exchange; bringing together Nintendo gamers who want to trade a game
  • Lending games; Keep track of who you have loaned a game to.
  • We’ll leave other ideas secret for now.

Suggest a feature!

The input from you as Nintendo fans is indispensable for us in the further development of the Nintendo Collection System. That’s why we would like to ask you to let us know your feedback if you have any ideas on how to make the system even better.

We have to be realistic about this and see what is best for the masses of Nintendo fans. If, in our opinion, a suggestion, idea or feedback is more of a solution for an individual, we will also feedback this to you.