We don’t like people to be left with questions. That is why, when drawing up the Nintendo Collection System, we also carefully considered what questions such a system might entail.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQs);


  • I am still missing GAME X for SYSTEM Z?
    • That could certainly be true, we are working on getting everything into the system as quickly as possible, but it is just an awful lot of work. If you really want to see a game now, please let us know.
  • I am still missing SYSTEM Z?
    • We have tried to add as many systems as possible in advance, including those outside the Nintendo systems, but it may well be that one is missing. Please let us know which system is missing.
  • Are you adding romhacks, demos and the like?
    • No, and specifically for the following reasons;
      • Romhacks, are not official releases.
      • Demos although official, are not normal releases

Is your question not (yet) listed?

That is always possible; in such cases we would like to ask you to contact to contact us. We will always provide you with a suitable answer and if it is a question that we expect may arise more often, we will also include it here immediately.